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The responsibility for communications wiring within a facility transferred from the Information Technology groups to Global Real Estate (GRE) as the wire was considered a building utility by the organization during 2000. Concurrently, Information Technology was in the process of upgrading the LAN electronics for both higher speeds and to standardize the platform across their portfolio. Some of the buildings had existing wiring that would not support the new LAN hardware. A decision was made within GRE to begin a project to upgrade and standardize the communications cabling infrastructures. They developed a Request for Proposal for consulting services and sent it to multiple firms in 2000 for work to start in 2001.

TCI responded and was awarded a multiyear contract with the following main tasks:

  • Develop communications standards for building and campus cabling,
  • Perform site surveys with trip reports documenting current site conditions.
  • Design new cabling infrastructure for sites selected by GRE for upgrade.
  • Bid support and Construction Administration for sites undergoing upgrade.
  • Other services as directed by AT&T GRE.

Communications guidelines were initially developed and utilized in the beta sites. These were refined and developed into Communications Standards documents which were transmitted to AT&T GRE for incorporation into the global corporate standards.

Eleven sites were initially selected for survey. Based upon the initial surveys and reports, six of these were selected to have some level of cable upgrade. Four additional sites were added in 2001 for cable upgrades due to re-stacks.  Twenty sites were selected for survey in 2002. Of these, eight had cabling projects authorized for 2002. Five additional sites have been added due to relocations or restack of existing space.

The sites within this project have varied in size from a single building with 50,000 square feet up to a multi-building campus in excess of 500,000 square feet. The upgrades incorporate either Category 5e of Category 6 horizontal cables based upon the anticipated term of the space commitment. Building backbone is enhanced multimode fiber optic cable and inter-building backbone is a combination of single mode and multimode fiber optic cable.

Wherever practical, the original data cables have been transitioned to support traditional voice applications to minimize the demolition costs.

The construction costs for communications wiring is in excess of $4 Million.  It is currently estimated that over 100 locations will require some augmentation to the current cabling. The project is a multi-year endeavor that began in 2001 and is ongoing.

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